Monday, September 1, 2008


I really, seriously expected that I would be getting a phone call from the nurse telling me that they put Pete back on the vent overnight on Saturday night. When I got up and there was no such call, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Calling his mom on the way to the hospital was a good experience, since I had good news to share. When I got to the hospital, he was not only no longer intubated, but the oxygen mask was gone and he was getting a supply through a nasal canula. The incision from the craniotomy was starting to droop, which means his brain is shrinking and the cervical spine fluid is getting progressively clearer.

He was snoozing, so I sat down to read my book during the early visiting hour. It was a very relaxing thing to do, almost like a normal morning, except we'd be in the same bed.

The nurse told me he's communicating very well, something happened to his oxygen canulas and he rattled the side of the bed until she came over to fix it. I assured her he said thank you in his head. I went to mass in the chapel (no excuse to miss when all I have to do is get into an elevator!) and when I came back, he was sitting up in a chair. Well, not exactly a chair, but a bed that will make itself into a chair. It's important to get gravity doing its job to help keep clots from developing in his legs. He sat up for a good while, and was ready to get back into bed.

I picked up Anna from Kerry and she had made a little sign for Pete with Anna's handprints. It was very cute and I hung it up on the IV bag holder that is on a track around the bed so he can look at it wherever the move him.

By the late visiting hours, he was able to talk with a little voice behind it. Again, the NICU was quiet, like it always is from 8 to 10. I asked him a couple of questions that had him shaking his head no and then I asked if he wanted me to take all my clothes off and he nodded and smiled.


Bethany Nicks and Family said...

YAY for no call in the night and no oxygen mask! I am totally LMBO at the taking your clothes off comment, way too funny! Love ya girl!! Still praying for you!!

Amy said...

Kristy, I am so happy to have found your blog. I have read every word. Your humor and attitude is truly inspirational. What a scary and surreal situation. All our love and prayers, Amy and Marah

Sharlene said...

So glad that there was no call , and it sounds like he had a very good day yesterday, hoping that this is the first of many, many more.
Also happy to see that he has his humor and is most very lucid :)

Keeping you all in our prayers

Tricia said...

I love reading your blog and all the positive progress everyday! I am glad you both still have your senses of humor!

Still sending lots of prayers your way!!

Brown Family said...

Each day gets better and better! I'm so glad and relieved!

Navasha said...

You dirty bird! You guys crack me up.

I'm so glad things are going so well.