Monday, September 1, 2008

Like I said, things change fast :)

I got to the hospital today around 11:00 and met Dr. Volpi thre. He tells me that he would like to see Pete in a regular room tomorrow. You read that right.

He's got good intercranial pressure and he had almost no drainage when they clamped off the shunt; his oxygen saturations, with very little support, are in the high 90's to 100% and he's almost done with the pain medications. A week ago tonight I was wondering what I was going to do without him, and now I'm just feeling like I'll be sleeping against His Furriness before I know it.

The only thing he's going to have to work on is speech and swallowing. Until he can swallow, he's not leaving the ICU, so let's pull for something like that tomorrow when the speech therapist goes in. I asked him tonight if he's feeling stiff from just laying there and he said yeah, so I rattled the PT cage too. The gauntlet for a good while now will involve exhausting rehab and therapy.

That's it for now, and I think that's plenty.


Sharlene said...

That's good news !!!!
Hoping that this week is a good one and that soon he'll be in his own room.

Amy said...

What good news! You are on the fast track to having home. Good thing he has an advocate like you to help push things along! Still praying for you guys!! Amy & Marah

Bethany Nicks and Family said...

YAY!!!!! That is great news Kristy! I will be pulling and praying for Pete to get that swallowing down so he can be moved into a regular room.

Diana from Dallas said...

I am so excited by his progress.
Hugs for you all.

Tina said...

Great news Kristy!

Tricia said...

YEAH! Great news! Glad to hear it!