Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vacation is Over!

And it's back to work. Time to become a productive member of society again. I got a call this morning that there was power at the office today, so after the early tests at TIRR, I went in.

We tested Pete's swallowing today. He did great, and he's soon to be off liquid foods and onto a regular diet. For dinner, he had tuna casserole, and all kinds of other stuff. He mostly liked the drinks they gave him. He is really thirsty for something to drink. He can have liquids that are thickened, and amazingly, one of the things they gave him was thickened water. Yup, water that's thicker. They are still worried he might not be able to swallow anything too thin, so it's thickened stuff all the way. I don't care, I liked seeing him partaking of one of his favorite things, enjoying food again!

Other than that, he's starting the gamut of therapy sessions that will be the rhythm of his life until he leaves TIRR, and thereafter until he's achieved as much as he is able. I keep mentioning how much stronger he is. I am not making things up. His muscle atrophy is really heartbreaking, but I know he'll get all that back and more, considering his number 1 job is to work out.

Continued well wishes and prayers are, as always, appreciated.


Becky said...

that's great about him eating!! Tell Pete I'm sorry about the thickened water. that stuff just doesn't even look good (or sound good).

Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so glad he's able to eat some, that's something Pete and I have in common, FOOD! I'm sure he liked the Tuna!

Yuck for you being back to work!

Continued prayers sweetie!

Love your MM mommy stalker! Katie

Diana from Dallas said...

thinking of you all

blueeyedchic said...

Continue prayers. Each little thing is a big step for him. Rejoicing in that for you!