Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not ready to get out of bed yet. . .

Unfortunately, Pete forgot about that. He has been getting stronger and stronger every day and his mind is working double time. Unfortunately, some of the thoughts are not exactly as rational as they would be otherwise, and he got out of bed today, and tried twice more. I was not there for the first attempt, but was for the second and third and was able to get the nurses in there with the jacket that will keep him in the bed. I hate that they had to do that, but it's the only way to keep him safe. Thankfully, it would not appear he hurt himself, but I don't even want to think about what could have happened.

This does underscore that he is ready ready ready for some rehabilitation, and hopefully, he'll be discharged to TIRR tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Of course, he doesn't see any reason to move him anywhere.

I'm a little spent from the weekend, with the hurricane and all--so maybe I'll post some more later. Suffice it to say that the Beins household came through all but unscathed. The wind was scary as all get out, we lost power for just under 24 hours and the yard is a bit of a mess, but nothing bad happened and I am certain Anna knew nothing of the stress. We are truly blessed.

Hopefully, all of you came through with flying colors as well.


Linda said...

I am beyond happy that you made it through the storm fine. It's also good to hear Pete is being feisty. I view that as a great sign.

Navasha said...

I'm glad he's so ready to get up and get moving. That HAS to be a good thing?!