Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Rest of the Story--Saturday

Yesterday afternoon, I went back up to the hospital. His mom, brother, and some cousins were going to go visit and my parents were coming to see Pete and then take Anna for the afternoon.

You should have seen Anna's face when she looked up and saw Oma there. What a pleasant surprise for her! Pete had a nice visit with family and Oma was thrilled at how good he looks. They have completely taken away the special infuser that had the pain medications in it, so he'll be getting those PRN. After they left, I was taking Anna for a little walk, and what do you know, as soon as we get off the elevator on the lobby floor, up walk Granny & Granddaddy. Poor kid must have wondered why all these family members were hanging out at the hospital!

The physical therapy people were there again and sat him up, which sent his heart into fibrillation again. However, it was gotten under control much faster than before and he was much more steady sitting up than he was even earlier this week. No naughty words for the PT either, so things are looking up.

Nurse PITA was in a much better mood in the afternoon. Evidently, Pete used his voice to tell her that pissing ME off was not a wise thing to do and she seemed to take that to heart.

We called before bed last night so Daddy could sing along with us on Anna's night night songs. Both of them seemed to like that so we'll do it again another time or 5.

OK, off to finish cleaning the house for the first time in 3 weeks!


Sommer said...

It sounds like Pete is getting better and better Kristy! I'm glad Anna is doing so well and getting to interact with her daddy. You all are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Tina said...

So glad Pete is doing better. I'll keep praying.