Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just another boring day

So happy to have one! I actually even got some office type work done today in addition to sneaking out to the nail place t get a fast fill.

We got a visit from all the therapists today, and Pete sat up without sending his heart into craziness and was able to drink some thickened orange juice without any trouble. See, I told you it was boring. Probably on Thursday, they will replace the NG tube he's got going now with a "Peg", which is a much more efficient feeding system he'll use until he can get all his nutrition orally. They can't do the surgery until Thursday because he needs to be off the blood thinners for at least 36 hours before he can have any surgery. These doctors are so conservative.

Once he's had that for 12 hours, off he'll go to TIRR, so that should happen on Friday. The worst of that is that I'll be doing his laundry again because he'll be in his own stuff there. I guess I can deal with that. TIRR is the most fabulous place ever for severe brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurological illnesses. He'll be inpatient for 4 to 6 weeks there and then come home. Well, not straight home. Dr. Volpi thinks it would be a good idea to have the brain flap returned to it's proper place in Pete's head before he comes home, so he'll have surgery and then probably another couple of days in the hospital before he comes home.

When I got into his room this morning, his right hand was in this weird looking glove, that kind of looked like a boxing glove with finger holes. He's been pushing on the part of his head where he has no skull and evidently, they don't recommend that. Not much they can really do about it, but they will do what they can.

I went to get Anna this evening to take her up to visit and she was still a little standoffish, but Pete does not seem so very upset about it and that's a positive thing. We'll try again maybe Thursday night.


Sharlene said...

Boring is good :) very good :)

Diana from Dallas said...

I can't think of anything better than boring.

Linda said...

I'm thrilled by boring. I will read boring posts every night from you and still be thrilled.

Rozzie said...

I'm assuming no news is good news, keep your spirits up!