Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Three steps forward, One step back

You gotta expect that things just can't go great everyday, particularly when you're dealing with stroke, but hopes and expectations aren't always in line with each other.

Nothing bad, in the grand scheme of things, but it is a setback. I got into the NICU this morning and he had the oxygen mask on again and this time not for a breathing treatment. The nurse told me that he had some irregular heartbeats last night and that they have increased his oxygen to help him with that. His "stable" situation is no longer stable. The doctor told me it was an atrial fibrillation and that his heart rate was up in the 160's, but that they were fortunately able to get it under control with some medications really fast. Evidently, some patients take a good deal longer to recover from the thing than he did. So, we're probably about 2 days delayed in getting into a regular hospital room, which is disappointing, but considering all the progress of the last several days, I should really not let it affect me at all.

The medications are making him a little subdued, which doesn't make me too happy, but I'm sure it isn't making HIM so happy either.

I talked to a child psychologist this morning about Anna. She assured me that as long as I'm acting like Pete not being there is not a big thing, she'll mirror that, but that I might say that daddy got sick at work and he's staying in the hospital while he gets all better.

There might be more later, you just never know, right?


Kitty said...

I'm sorry there's been a setback, but I hope the recovery is fast and that you're walking him to a normal hospital room in a few days.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is, " Pete you need to hurry up, I don't know how long I can keep this sinking ship a float." You are the only one that kept me balanced out here.
No seriously dude, you scared the holy begezz out of me.
Kristy, I sent the blog out to everyone so don't be suprised at how many comments you get.
Loving the Beins Family,

Amy said...

I am sorry for the step backwards, but at least it was one on the smallish side if there is such a thing. I am sure you are doing the best thing as far as Anna goes, but I am glad you sought some guidance and reassurance!

Navasha said...

Meredith does much better when I tell her the truth about where Red is. Dada is at work, on the ship, whereever he is but he'll be back. She likes the he'll be back part best I think.

Hugs man.

Rozzie said...

For every few steps forward, there's at least one step back. He's going in the right direction. Keep making him laugh, it's the best therapy.

Hugs to you,

Sharlene said...

Sorry to hear about the setback, but continuing to keep you all in my prayers for a speedy & full recovery.

Diana from Dallas said...

If Anna is anything like her mommy and daddy, she will be a tropper and be just fine.
That sucks he has the mask.