Monday, September 8, 2008

Jones 8

This is our interim goal. That would be the 8th floor of the Jones Tower at Methodist, the "regular" neuro rooms. This depends on a couple of thiongs over which only God has control. First and foremost, that he does not go into A-fib when they sit him up to do the modified barium swallow test this morning. He also needs to do fairly well on the swallow test so he can start to get some of his nutrition from food.

It is modified because he's not really doing barium, he'll be swallowing things in sequence, water, thickened juice, jello and then something solid to see what he does on X-Ray. I will be there for that so we'll see how it goes. They have increased the heart medication he's taking so that should do the trick. Fingers crossed and prayers being said.

He drew the "fun" nurse today, and you gotta know when one of the others came in to ask if Anna ever came up over the weekend, there were some crackles in the air! That's fun, I guess.

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