Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another new word for the Lexicon-Necrotic

Basically, you don't want ANYTHING in your body to be necrotic (probably not spelling it right, but it's phonetic).

Pete had his gallbladder removed this morning/afternoon and it was necrotic. The surgery went very well, and if you're easily grossed out you probably don't want to read this part, but the good news is that though it was enlarged and pretty yucky looking, when they cut it in half, the pus was all inside. That's where you want it, not floating around your stomach cavity looking for something to make sick. Because it was so well contained, the incision was very small and he should recover very quickly. I am probably being overly optimistic thinking he might be back at TIRR by the weekend, but I can do that every now and again.

He is on his way back to his room now, although I expected he would already be here. I will give him a big kiss for everyone. Thank you all very much for your prayers and kind thoughts.


Bethany Nicks and Family said...

I am so glad that it all went well and that they got it out before it caused any more problems!!

And I think you have every right to be optimistic!


Becky said...

YAY for the good news!!

Navasha said...

thoughts and hugs man. I may skip out on the dyk but I do read your blog!

blueeyedchic said...

Yahoo on good news! I'll keep on praying for you all.

Sharlene said...

Good news !!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they got it out of him! Good news for sure!