Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Tired

Remember the musical scene from Blazing Saddles? I feel like singing it, I'm tired, although obviously NOT for the same reason.

I worked all day yesterday, went to TIRR at lunchtime and had a big family dinner at my sister's. Anna was a terror by the time we got home and didn't go to sleep until almost 10:00. Tonight, I will try to get her back into her routine, so we can get into a routine with the new schedule. Hopefully, school will be back up and running by Monday, so we can get that part back into line. I don't think I could deal with the manic racing hither and yon for long, not to mention the gasoline shortage and traffic caused by not many lights working between here and home and her and the hospital.

At lunchtime, I found out they are working on all kinds of things at once, among them helping him learn to feed himself again. They let no grass grow under their feet over there! Breakfast took a good while to eat and so he wasn't really hungry at lunchtime, although it looked pretty darn good to me! So, we continue to work on getting Pete back and we make more progress every day.


Katie said...

Sorry you're so tired today! I wish you the best of luck with getting back into a steady schedule! Prayers to Pete! Much love Kristy!


Sharlene said...

Wish I could help you with the tiredness, but sounds as though Pete is doing well and in the right place.

Samantha said...

Kristy, I'm thinking about you guys and hoping Pete continues to make progress.

Becky said...

I have such positive vibes about this TIRR joint! Your Pete is going to be back, Kristy!!

Hope you are able to catch a nap with Anna this weekend

Linda said...

So glad to hear that progress is being made. Please take care of yourself, I worry ;-)