Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September is over

And I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. Let's see, we've had a stroke and a hurricane and Pete's dad being very sick in rapid succession. There are words you should never have in your vocabulary, "what else can happen?". Something else can ALWAYS happen!

So we started the month having come off the respirator just 2 days before and we end the month with Pete in full swing of rehabilitation. It's pretty amazing that much could happen in such a short period of time.

I had a meeting today with all of his therapists, speech, occupational and physical.

The speech therapist is working on several things all at once. His eating/drinking/swallowing skills, which are improving pretty well. She says she wants to do another modified barium swallowing test next week sometime to see if he finally get a 7-Up. Don't think he's forgotten about that! She's working on the mental/visual aspect of the left side neglect. Working with him on sequencing and reading. She said she was AMAZED at his math ability. I told her he is a pipe fitter, and that his ability to understand complex math and calculate formulas is part and parcel of that job. One thing I can do to help is to bring Anna up so Pete can read her some books. It will help with the left side neglect, and his bonding with Anna.

The physical therapist says he is doing very well with the therapy. They are working on balance and standing. He is by no means standing unassisted or even under his own power, but they are working on it. He's doing much better with transitions from bed to chair and chair to whatever and that's very big progress.

The occupational therapist is working on a lot of the same things as the PT, but adding a bunch of self care things he's not been able to do.

Their biggest problem is keeping him on task. I explained that this is really nothing new, I mean, this IS Pete.

They have an initial discharge date set, November 21. That sounds like a good time, doesn't it? Does to me.


Linda said...

Praying hard that November 21st is the date! That is definitely something to look forward to.

Kitty said...

That sounds like a great date. I'll keep fingers crossed that he'll be all set to eat non-pureed turkey for Thanksgiving :)

Sharlene said...

That's sounds good ! Will be praying that everything continues to allow him to be home for Thanksgiving.

Stay strong Pete !!!!