Thursday, October 2, 2008

Standing Practice

I misunderstood exactly what they were doing with the standing thing. I had assumed they were using some sort of contraption that aided his balance and standing up. Nope, he's standing against the back of a chair. Today they worked on some squatting according to the PT's notes in the "red book".

Pete told me that his right leg was tired and hurt from fatigue--woo hoo, they're building muscle on the man! Those who have not seen Pete probably need to know that he has dropped a bunch of weight. He lost about 20 pounds while he was at Methodist. He's lost a few more at TIRR and while getting the gallbladder removed, so he looks pretty thin. I asked the nurses if he looked that way to them because I'm afraid I'm a mother at heart and am just inclined to worry about people's diet. The concurred.

His appetite was down for almost a week I assume because of the gallbladder disease and surgery. On the good side, he is having much less pain from the incision and is now just saying "I can feel it".

This evening I went to see him and was holding his left hand, twirling his wedding ring. He said he could feel me touching his fingers.

One other big event is that he is remembering the stroke. He remembers being confused by the spreadsheet he was working on and going out to talk to Monica. He remembers the safety team coming in and remembers being in the ER at Memorial Hermann South East. I have told him that this was a bad stroke and that I am glad they did the craniotomy, but I have NOT told him that this was actually a fatal stroke, and that he's alive because of the aggressive treatment he received from Methodist. I'll tell him about this later, probably at the point when he's annoyed at the therapy and wants to just stop it all!


Navasha said...

I remember not wanting to really eat after I had my gallbladder out.

Now it's time for GOGOGO PETE!!!

Kristy Beins said...

Now he says he feels like 500% better. Maybe I should play that Happy Monster Band song for him, Get up and go go go, get up and go go go. . .

Bethany Nicks and Family said...

I also remember not wanting to eat after having my gallbladder out, so I think that is normal.

I am SO happy with his progress! It is so awesome to read this and know that he is amazingly strong and will get through this and get back to being Pete!!!

You are super woman! I am impressed with you and how you have handled this all. Love ya girl!!

Sharlene said...

progress, progress all good things !
This is good Friday news