Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saw it with my own 2 eyes!

He stands! Not under his own power entirely, but entirely under his own balance and most of his own strength.

I went up to TIRR with Anna this afternoon, and the goons from PT were in his room getting him up for PT, evidently, they had to bribe him with ice cream (actually, they checked his sugars and they were low and they're not taking a hypoglycemic dude to the gym). I went down with Anna and he was sitting on this large table thing, with a weighted shopping cart in front of him. They were having him push the cart as far as he could forward and then pull it back. I am thinking this is a heck of an ab workout and may try it. Anyway, Anna got restless, so we went into the kitchen area where they do some of the OT (they will teach Pete to do laundry as an extra perk, as long as they teach him to do it right, I'm fine) and when I came out, he's standing up holding onto the cart. One of the goons is standing on the bench behind him and the other one has a knee against his left knee holding him steady. Anna started creating "issues" so we went outside for a minute. He said that they "went shopping" he and the goons walked around, him pushing the cart, them doing balance checks for him.

He told me he did not feel as balanced as it appeared he looked, that he really had to work hard to stand straight and that he was not able to move the left leg to assist his walking, but I feel certain that will come in time.

His appetite has come roaring back, and he's even forcing down the Ensure pudding they are giving him at every meal. Actually, he says it doesn't taste too bad.

My parents came up to see Pete and to pick up Anna, and after they left, I gave Pete a hair cut. This involved taking his helmet off where he could see himself, which he had not done before. He was surprised at the sight. I assured him he's absolutely the handsomest man alive caved in head or not. He didn't want to shave until after a shower, which I hope he had before bed. But even with just the haircut, he looks a hundred percent better.

They still have him on the IV antibiotics from both the gall bladder and whatever that thing on his back is. That will end on Monday, but bless his heart, his veins are just completely pissed off at him. About every other day, I see him, part of his arm or hand is just huge from swelling, and it's all from infiltration (the fluid not going into the veins but just into tissue), because his veins are blowing out. I sure hope after Monday, his IV antibiotic days are over!

If any of the guys from work want to head up to TIRR for a visit, this might be a good time. He has been thinking about all of you a good deal. He is remembering more and more about the stroke itself. He remembered Carl telling him to go sit down, and that Mike Merit was in the office doorway too (I had not heard this before, so I don't know). He remembered the name of the doctor (well, Dr. Z) at the first hospital and trying to tell him about having seen a neurologist and being told that information wasn't needed at all. I get more and more mad about this every time I think about it. So, you know what, I'm not thinking about it.


blueeyedchic said...

YAHOO!!! Oh that is such good news hon! He will be back and better before you know it!

Sharlene said...

Good news !!!!Keep strong Pete

Kerry said...

Amazing progress! Kristy, I am so proud of you. Your stength and determination have seen you through the toughest times and I and our prayer warriors will continue to pray for God's grace for you and Pete.