Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've Been Lazy

It's been 4 days since I updated anyone. Well, let's see, what's new. . .

I took Pete his phone over the weekend and he's been calling people. He talked to his mom on Sunday and to Monica from work on Tuesday. If you get a call from someone who sounds a little like Pedro, just go with it, it's probably him.

His speaking voice is a little quieter than it was, but he's not mumbling nearly as much, so that's a fair trade off. His mind is very sharp and his wit has followed suit, so prepare to be entertained.

TIRR has a new target discharge date, November 15, 2008. That is earlier than the original date I was given by a few days.

Next week, I plan to go for PT so I can get trained on the transferring in and out of the wheelchair. When they have sent him to Methodist for tests or treatment, they have been taking him by ambulance. The insurance company won't pay for that because it's not an "emergency transport" so I need to be able to do the transfers so that he can go by the TIRR van.

The other reason I need to get in with the PT folks is so I can get a handle on what sort of ambling Pete will be doing once he comes home. Is he going to be in the chair or on a walker. Obviously, our house is not ADA complaint and we could have some bathroom issues if he needs the chair to get around. Unfortunately, my carpenter is a little indisposed at the moment. He suggested today that he'd do fine if he had his airgun, and could shoot nails. Maybe not right away.

Yesterday, Pete and I shaved his face, so the David Crosby moustache is history. He looks pretty darn handsome with a smooth face. Hopefully, it will now be easy for him to keep up with it himself.

On I guess it was Tuesday, he went for PT and had lots of trouble with low blood pressure. They are adjusting medications and are planning to get him up more often so that it's not such a huge change to be standing. The only hard thing is that when he's sitting up for a long time, the helmet gets very heavy and hurts his neck. You just can't make the guy happy. I am confident that in time, the neck muscles will get as strong as they were before he took 2 weeks off to lay around doing nothing.

I'm trying to think if there was anything else, but nothing is coming to mind.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and yay for the move up with the coming home date! That's wonderful! Sounds like he's doing so well, calling friends and family is wonderful, I'm sure he's loving that! Best of luck getting everything ready for him to come home!!

Becky said...

I would be happy to send my carpenter down there to help you get ready for the big homecoming ,but I don't think his "real job" would allow the time off. *sigh*

So glad to hear the good news though! Lots of love to you all..

Sharlene said...

Sounds as though everything is coming along just fine. My BIL had to have lots adapted for his wheelchair as well but its a great sign of things to come.

Yeah, for good news and an early release date.