Thursday, October 16, 2008

A new wristband color

This one is yellow. That means Pete and I have the run of the hospital. This morning, I went to TIRR while Pete was having PT and got trained on how to transfer him into and out of the wheelchair. Nothing to it! Mostly, nothing to it because his legs are getting so much stronger and his balance is so much better that he doesn't need much more than a spotter. So now, I can do the transfers instead of having to wait for a nurse or a patient care assistant. I can also go to the hospital with him for tests so we're not spending $700 for that.

One thing I do still need is some training about seizure control. I asked the physical therapist this morning and she said they are required to do it for any sort of head injury and it's just a CYA thing. Then we can go outside in the courtyard. This weekend will be the perfect time because the weather is supposed to be amazing!

I think Pete looks good in yellow. All we have to do now is get rid of the orange "High Fall Risk"band and the circus tent and I'll start feeling a bunch better.

One other cool thing that happened today is that they did the new modified barium swallowing test. To recap, he took one on September 8 and didn't do well at all. He aspirated the thin liquids and didn't cough. He did fine with the thickened liquids so he started those that day. The next time was September 16 and he still aspirated the thin liquids but he did cough and he was ready for ground foods, which he's been doing for exactly a month. I wasn't there for the test, but when I called at dinnertime, he said he had regular food on his tray! Pot roast that looked like pot roast and tomorrow, guess what he's getting for lunch. You got it, a 7-Up!


Linda said...

Yay for Pete and yay for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank god for Yellow, I'm sure it's Pete and yours favorite color right now!!!! And 7-up he's going to be in love!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with him and the prayers will keep flowing!

Much love!

Anonymous said...

So gear up those good karmameters, refocus those good vibratrons and crank up those prayer machines

Sue said...

Life is GOOD.

Kitty said...

Yay! I'll bet that 7-Up tasted good!

Diana from Dallas said...

yay for 7-up
yay for yellow
yay for coming home soon
thinking of you

Marie said...


Real food and 7-up, can life get any better??

Hugs, thoughts, and especially lots of prayers!

Navasha said...