Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quietly hanging out at TIRR

Pete has really settled in to the routine at TIRR. They are slowly ramping up the amounts of therapy for him on a daily basis.

He's still doing great on the real food and should be getting closer and closer to a regular diet as we go on. I look forward to the first of the "family rounds" on Wednesday afternoon to get a better idea what we're looking at in terms of a timeline to coming home.

Anna and I spent the whole weekend together, not a single sitter took her. She really seemed to enjoy that, even we did do a couple of stints of shopping which is boring as all get out for a 2 year old, I know. We went to "Daddy's hospital" both days and today, she was sitting on my lap on daddy's bed, so we're moving in the right direction.

Pete's going to be really bummed that he missed the last game at Yankee Stadium tonight. I'm no Yankee fan, but you know how I love baseball, and it's sad to see an old stadium closing.

Not much more to add. I do ask for continued prayers for Pete's progress, and for those among us who are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Ike. Most of the greater Houston area remains without power, for the 9th straight day. Yesterday and today the weather started getting a little more seasonable, which means pretty darn hot with no air conditioning.


Anonymous said...

Pete and Kristy, I would say not much to report is good! Yay for spending the whole weekend with Anna, I'm sure she loved and loves going to see daddy at "Daddy's Hospital"!!! Much love and hugs!

Diana from Dallas said...

you are all still in my thoughts and prayers.
glad to read that Anna is warming up to daddy again.