Thursday, September 25, 2008

31 days ago today

Wow, it's the 25th of September. I can't imagine another month that has drug any more slowly nor passed so quickly. There's a timeline off to the right that gives the most meaningful developments.

Pete is doing much better today. No fever at all and his white count is dropping very nicely. He did misunderstand the instruction about the morphine pump. I told him that it was supposed to hurt, he had major surgery, and that's why he has the blue button to push. All he heard was the "it's supposed to hurt" part and disregarded the rest. I'd say that it is stroke related, but we all know, Pete's a man and it's likely he would only have listened to part of the comment anyway.

Poor thing, though, somehow the IV's were messed up and his left arm was so swollen and hard, his arm bands from TIRR were tight around it. (I'm really liking the idea of the central line he had before, very few concerns about it). The nurse had to turn off the happy medicine pump until she could get back and check it out to make sure it wasn't just backing up, and by the time she got back, his pain level went from "maybe a 3" to "6 close to 7". She hooked him right back up and I gave him a hit--he wasn't going to do it himself. She told him that he needed to manage the pain or his healing would be delayed. Maybe that meant something, but I'm thinking probably not because, well, remember, he's a man.

I did not get to see the doctor today because I was at the office all afternoon, but I'm hopeful they'll get him transferred tomorrow afternoon. Regardless, I'll be heading to Dallas for Robert & Laura's reception on Saturday. Hopefully, Anna won't be a pain on the trip or in the hotel, or anywhere else. I could really use a nice quiet little trip. Hey, I can dream, can't I?


Marie said...

Kristy -

You all remain in my prayers. I'm so happy that they were able to find Pete's infection so quickly and have taken care of it. I'm sorry that the hospital staff was a PITA - like you needed that! Please give hugs and kisses to Anna. I hope that she is an angel for you for your trip to the reception.

Love, Marie

Navasha said...

Make sure you eat a big ole piece of cake. Oh, and have a good/safe trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad his fever is gone which means the infection is gone correct!!?!!? I'm sure he's realizing more now then ever how lucky he has to have found you!

Have a wonderful time at Robert and Laura's reception with Anna, I'm praying she'll be a perfect little toddler, is there such a thing?

Love ya-Katie