Monday, November 17, 2008

This Monday/Next Monday

What a day today! We went to see Pete's PCP first thing this morning, went to see the Cardiologist after that, went into the neurosurgeons office to drop some records off and then went up to the country to get Pete's mom.

That's how many transfers into and out of the car? He's getting really good at it, although he doesn't always aim well the first time and spends a bunch of time getting himself into the car. About the time he's done with that, I've got the wheelchair broken down and in the trunk. Although this afternoon, Pete's mom and I almost collapsed in laughter trying to get it into the trunk. I tried from the wrong end (the side with the wheels) and it ended up spinning away from me. Then she tried, same thing happened.

But, in reality, he's doing the whole deal himself, I'm truly just spotting him. I do think you might get a chuckle if you considered Pete and I in a very small bathroom, with a bath chair, a transfer chair and an addition to the toilet to make it more stable for him, trying to get him through all those transfers. It was pretty funny if I say so myself. We're just working through the bumps and really, he's stronger every day. Tonight, the guy was just worn out, and was in bed pretty early.

Next Monday, we go back in to have his bone flap replaced. I can hardly wait to be honest. He'll be in the hospital probably through Thanksgiving, but who cares! We have so much to be thankful for this year and it doesn't have to be confined to a specific place to celebrate. Besides, the food at Methodist is good and I have to figure the turkey and dressing will be outstanding. And, then starting at the beginning of December, he'll be back in outpatient rehab at the TIRR Kirby Glen facility.

Oh, one more thing, this evening I asked him if he could wiggle his toes. He said he'd try and he sure did wiggle those toes on his left foot. He said he couldn't feel it or see it, but I told him I could both feel and see it. Manipulating his toes is important for eventual walking, which I feel certain is going to happen.

Anna is doing a bunch of acting out. I feel certain she's more than a little mad at both Pete and me. Pete for not being home for so many weeks and then just showing up, and me for casting her aside for daddy. It's kind of like a reverse of the man's reaction to a new baby in the house, except on a 2 year old's level, which depending n the man is either more or less mature.


Linda said...

I love hearing he is making progress every day. Love hearing that you are still laughing too! Poor Anna has had lots of changes lately. But she will be OK because Mommy and Daddy love her so.

Kitty said...

Yay for toe wiggles! It's great he's getting stronger. Sounds like Anna's responding how you expected, so, at least you were able to anticipate it :)

Amanda said...

Cracked up at the last comment . . . "depending on the man is either more or less mature." You're funny, Mom.