Monday, November 24, 2008

It really IS brain surgery

and praise the Lord it is over. Pete did very well and is probably moving into recovery. Once he's all awake, I'll be able to go see him. He'll spend at least tonight someplace I really never wanted to go again, the NICU, but that only stands to reason. There is still a possibility of continued accumulation of cervical spine fluid, which would necessitate a shunt being put in. So, they will do a CT in a couple of days (oy) and see how that is doing.

The surgery took right at the estimated 2 hours, but it took way over an hour for him to be prepped for surgery.

The good news is that when he goes up to the NICU he can show off his new toe wiggling trick. I bet a few of the nurses will be surprised at that development.

Pete was up raring to go this morning. I was too, although I could have used another hour of sleep. I had a punch list before I left and still had to go in 3 times for stuff I forgot. Thank heaven I remembered my reading glasses, because this screen is teeny tiny!

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. You cannot imagine how much they mean to me.


Linda said...

Glad to hear it all went well. Continued prayers to you both

Bethany Nicks and Family said...

That is great news! I am glad that it all went well. I am sure those nurses are going to LOVE that he can wiggle his toes!! I will continue to keep you all in my prayers! *HUGS*

Becky said...

Thats Great Kristy!! Glad its over, but sorry you have to go back to that place (icu).

I'm praying for a quick and easy recovery!

Kitty said...

Prayers and hopes for minimal time in the NICU! Yay for a good start to this phase of his recovery!