Friday, November 28, 2008

And, we're home again!

Pete called about 8:15 this morning to tell me the doctor had been in and was ready to discharge him. So, I finished breakfast, took a shower and headed up. It's 2:50 and we just got here. Anna did better than should have been expected being cooped up in the hospital all day long, but as always, she's a trooper!

He looks just great but is absolutely wiped out from the trip home. He was going to go to bed, but instead, he wanted to send an email to his PT from TIRR to follow up on his therapy. He has about 7000 unread messages in his email inbox, so we'll be going through those and deleting all but the junk!

Y'all have a great rest of your holiday. I know I will.


Diana from Dallas said...

good news followed by more good news. that's awesome

Marie said...

Yay - Pete's home again!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he's home again!