Friday, November 14, 2008

It's a Blue Norther!

Those of you not from the South are probably wondering what in the world a Blue Norther is, it's when a strong front comes through and you can stand in the front yard and feel the temperatures dropping, sometimes 20 degrees in an hour. It's my favorite kind of cold front and may bring a light frost on Sunday morning.

You're probably not as interested in the weather report as all that.

Coming to Missouri City along with the high winds and cold rain tomorrow morning is Mr. Peter! I know he is very excited to be coming home and we are excited to have him there. Anna seems a little confused by the development, but so it is with little ones.

Today we went to see the neurosurgeon, who says we can schedule surgery in the next few weeks. For me, the sooner the better! We'll schedule a CT scan to make sure there are no surprises and then the surgery right after that. He will have no outpatient therapies at all until the boneflap is replaced, which for me is another reason to get that going.

I also asked for his take home prescriptions. This stroke patient who almost died less than 3 months ago, who left Methodist with uncontrolled blood sugars, a necrotic gallbladder, possible pneumonia and an atrial fibrillation, is coming home with Pepcid and Lipitor. No blood pressure meds or heart meds are deemed needed. We do check in with the cardiologist on Monday at noon-time to make sure that's fine and dandy with him. We have discovered the likely cause for the stomach problems he's been having is the amiodarone, the medicine to control his heart rate. This medicine has been discontinued and his heart rate is fine, his blood pressure is low, and he is less tired and nauseated.

I just got off the phone with his mom and she's gonna take a little vacation to Missouri City for a couple of weeks to stay with him during the day. It could be interesting to watch them dance into the bathroom.

Overall, life is good!


Linda said...

Thrilled to hear he is coming home and that life is good! YAY YAY YAY!

Navasha said...


Rozzie said...

awesome, only a few more days and he can come home!

Do me a favor and remove all the throw rugs in your home to avoid falls? (i've been in school too long).

Kristy Beins said...

Good idea Rozzie!

Diana from Dallas said...

Wow, that is such great news. I am so excited for you all!