Friday, November 7, 2008

Like Deja Vu all over again

The sisters will remember this place, Main Building, suite 200, Radiology waiting room. This is where we hung out the day Pete had his stroke while they tried in vain to clear the blockage that was causing it.

Today, I'm here because he's in CT having his abdomen imaged. I believe I mentioned there was some concern that the pain Pete was feeling has to do with the bone flap possibly migrating downward a little too far. They want to check it out and make sure nothing else was going on in there. They don't think there is, but they adopt the better safe than sorry approach.

Pete has still been battling nausea and they are working on the cause of that. It's possible it has to do with the various medications they have him taking. They will probably work on rearranging them to get him taking less medicine and check the dosing. It is hard when you have several medical conditions going on at once and need medications for each one to make sure there are no obnoxious side effects.

We're just 8 days from release. Yesterday, finally, I got some input from his therapists about aftercare and what to expect. They will be spending these last days working with him on how to manage at home. I get a little more antsy every day, because of the changes and challenges that are destined to happen once we're there. Continued prayers and kind thoughts are much appreciated as we make the next step in our journey.


Nicole said...

My brave big sister. I am so proud of you and so happy God gave you to me! I love you! Nicole

Kerry said...

My brave litle sister, I will always be there for you no matter what you might need. I love you! Kerry

Sue said...

My brave very little sister, I wish you had only love and happiness all the time. And if not, well, we'll work it out. If we all put our heads together, we can handle anything, right?

Love to you dear.