Friday, April 1, 2011

Almost a whole year?

I have not updated this blog in nearly a year, primarily because we've just been plogging along making good progress, plateauing, retreating, then making progress. Basically it's been 3 steps forward, stand still, step back, then 3 steps forward. All of it trending upwards. Today is a very important day. Pete goes to work this morning as a volunteer at the Houston Humane Society. He will be socializing puppies rescued from puppy mills. He will also be working with cats to determine their abilities to socialize and integrate into people's homes. Pete loves animals, but is much more a dog person than a cat one, so I know he'll enjoy the yapping puppies over the pouncing kitties. I suspect he'll be wanting to bring a few of them home. The other thing that is important about today is that when he goes to his job, he'll leave his wheelchair at the house and will be using his walking stick for the 3 or 4 hours he's out. Take a minute to let that sink in, right? I'm so excited for him, I know he's been waiting and wanting to make this step for about as long as he can remember after he can remember anything. Hard work is paying off, and this is the last step towards him getting into what they call "competitive employment". Anna was excited too, she even kissed his unshaven face.

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