Monday, February 1, 2010

A boring weekend

Wow--time has passed in a blur. Just last week was the weekend before Thanksgiving, right? Normally, I'd take time to breathe during January and be all recup'd from all the holiday activities. Not this year. We went from holidays to inpatient treatment and this was our first weekend, since mid November where there was nothing going on at all. Anna even crawled into bed with us and slept until 8:30 on Sunday morning, which beat Saturday when she was up before 7.

Pete continues to do well. He needs a bit of prodding to keep up with the brace and walking, but now that we have the right size shoes (I had a small brain fart) it should be no problem. Yesterday, while I was doing I don't even remember what in the kitchen, Pete sat on the floor with Anna and played ball. I had to take pictures it was so cute. I cleaned the house, washed clothes, went to Little Gym with Anna, did grocery shopping, went to church and cooked. I can go for a few more of those.

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